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    and I’m handling this one because it addresses me directly. Just so people know I’m not hiding things, he sarcastically calls me a “class act” for my” bimbo-in-a-bag comment. He claims to be Margo’s ex.

    Notice he’s talked about using our comments in his new audio program or book and has asked people for permission to do so. Hence the real reason for this post.

    I would HEAVILY SUGGEST people AVOID this person as much as possible, at least with the facts now at the group’s disposal. If he wants to use any of our material, there’s a good chance it will be used as MLM motivational speak, to make non MLMer’s sound bitter.

    I’ve reminded him that each individual author retains copyright of their letters they right here and pointed out that any permission given to him can be revoked.

    I’ve also told him that if he wants to add to the discussion or can explain what he was doing in any of the situations Margo has explained in her email, I would consider letting that through. Of course, if he’s just going to call names, that won’t go through moderation, but if he can justify or explain his actions (which include non-payment of child-support, inability to hold a job or produce a steady income, leaving his ex-wife in debt, and not doing anything to help with his children’s college education), then I think that it might be worth it to hear his side of the story.

    Of course, the other factor is that all this is dependent on whether we can be reasonably sure he IS Margo’s ex and that he is not just making things up to get attention.

    However, in the post in the queue now (that’s been rejected), all he does is get sarcastic on me.

    Now, most of you have seen me called quite a few things. Some are true, some are not. I don’t mind being called names, but in this case, since he just addresses my one comment and doesn’t address all the points Margo made, I didn’t see any reason to let his post through. And I did repeat what he said about me, so it’s clear the reason for not letting that message through was not about me or my ego.