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    a couple of valued colleagues that were recently drawn in, with different outcomes.
    One fellow put it out there that he was kind of endorsing Mona Vie. He has been battling illnesses for about a year that it would be mild to say are life-threatening, and when he was taken off of chemo because of complications, he said he hoped the Mona Vie would support his recovery and disease management. I asked him to please just read the Wikipedia article about Mona Vie — it has a pretty good criticism of the product, and compares it with much less expensive, readily-available, conventional juices that have more of the nutrients and none of the marketing burden. He read the article, and told me that he was glad that I brought it to his attention. He confirmed my fears that the distributors told him that the Mona Vie would do all sorts of miraculous things for him — they didn’t tell him outright it would cure him or replace the medical care, but he felt that they strongly suggested just that. A short time after trying the product he
    found himself out at marketing functions and getting messages that he would “GET FIRED UP!”. I think it’s disgusting how some of these mlmers will prey upon people with serious illness like that. Fortunately, this colleague was open to looking at information from other sources, continues with recommended medical care, and gets his nutrition from the organic section of the grocery store rather than from snake oil peddlers.

    Another colleague said she is trying ASEA to help her with respiratory, orthopedic, and other problems. Have you heard of this stuff? There isn’t as much press on ASEA yet, but what I read indicates that it is salt water. It is not as expensive as Mona Vie, but how much more than $1 should a bottle of salt water cost? I expressed my concerns to her, and she replied that her brother had done the research, talked to the doctor and atomic physicist, etc. I didn’t have an answer for all of the molecular physics and organic chemistry that was rattled off, but remember that if a product is really that advanced and effective, it would probably be all over the place in the supermarkets, drugstores, and media, would be making its developers and manufacturers truckloads of money the traditional way, and would not be marketed through direct distributors. So this friend is rather hypnotized. Again someone I care about that is suffering, and getting
    sucked in by greedy charlatans. I can’t blame her either for wanting this product to give her the relief the health care system hasn’t so far. On the positive side, we still have a friendly dialogue, and the seeds may be planted.