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    Are we a blog that is here to help others to deal with problems related to MLM’s, or are we here to push a political agenda? Your comments about this “interesting article” reek of an excuse to bash the Tea Party and associate them with something negative. I can personally give you some very negative documented “parallels between” a particular anti-American president and Socialism.

    If you want something “interesting” to quote from, I can show you a book written by the founder of the largest family planning organization in the USA. In her book she praises Adolf Hitler’s ideas for selective breeding to produce a supreme race, and states that her worse fear is the unrestricted breeding of certain minorities, thus her main reason for her founding of her well known family planning organization.

    Hal, you are probably the most vocal member in the MLM survivors.

    Pretty much everything I have heard you say in the past years, whether I agreed with you or not, was at least well thought out and constructive to MLM survivors, but your “interesting article” comments about the Tea Party were NOT. I have a lot more things I’d like to say, but I would be doing just what I am complaining about, turning our MLM Survivors forum into a political debate forum. Nuf said.