• For example it says that because Tea party members think they have better/more applicable answers than people they disagree with that this makes them the same as herbalife?
    If that is the case, and if this “comparison” is valid then any member of any ideological blog is the same as any other member of any other blog.
    Clearly this is flawed logic.
    So – for example – the comparison could have been between the Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty, or between the Tea party and John Brown’s abolitionists. Or between the Tea Party and MLK.
    None of those comparisons were used – so the author picked one to attempt to show the Tea Party in a bad light.
    So the intent of the article is clear – it is not a discussion or investigation into comparing organizations, it was just one more attempt to denigrate the Tea party and its members.
    I am surprised that you don’t appear to see that – after all this is a tactic used often by Amway and other MLMs to smear those who would oppose them.

    Posted by saigon @ 2:16 am

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