• I run a discussion list for ex members of Scientology’s hard core “inner members”. I banned the discussion of politics from the list completely. Not because I do not like a good political argument (or even a flame fest!) but because it is not what the list is for.
    Its a tricky line to walk – MLMs buy political protection from whomever is in power (as indeed , do cults) so naming the names of politicians who do provide cover for these parasites seems to be a good idea.
    But we need to be careful of something – the MLM s seem to promote a heavy dose of christianity – at least it seems to get used a lot by the Motivational crowd and organizations but is that a reason to lambaste Christianity or Christians? (I am an atheist so I can claim no axe to grind on this). Yes the Motivational people spout a doctrine of republicanism – but is that more of their manipulative thought control?
    See what I mean? I am a conservative in my views and I tend to get irked when people somehow equate the manipulation of the mlms with ANY political philosophy.

    Posted by saigon @ 2:10 am

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