• This came up in a discussion with another group member, so I thought I should post this as a helpful hint. If you are trying to get in touch with me and you don’t hear back in 48 hours, try another email, with a different subject and ask if I got the email. I won’t consider it rude at all. I have a VERY aggressive spam filter (actually, I have two VERY aggressive spam filters) and it protects me, but the price is that sometimes a legitimate email gets caught and tossed away without me knowing it.

    If anyone tried to reach me in November, that was the exception. I was on my back for a good while due to an old injury and have only recently been able to be back at the computer for more than a short while. (The irony was I could not sit very long, so I could rumba and tango, but not sit at the computer — worse things have happened in life!)

    So if you’ve tried to reach me and I didn’t respond, I’m not ignoring you, I just didn’t see your email.

    I hope this hasn’t caused any issues or problems.

    Posted by saigon @ 2:17 am

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