• I was very angry, for a long time, but now I mostly pity him and his new wife, as the wreckage of these derailed business endeavors of ex-dh seems to be capitulating as anticipated. I thought I might get some satisfaction, but it’s just sad, sad how clueless they are. The new wife seems very intelligent, but showing to have some serious, episodic medical and psychological problems, which might be the kind of partner he is attracting in his sickness.

    They don’t have to deal with the debt he was assigned, because he declared bankruptcy and had his responsibility for the debts relinquished by the courts. This does make me angry because bankruptcies like this it would seem to me pass the burden on to the public in one way or another. Others file bankruptcy for some very legitimate reasons (overwhelming medical bills, loss of income, disaster), but to me the ex never has to be accountable for his greed, selfishness, and poor choices. He doesn’t have debt, but he doesn’t have much else either.

    What do I have? My two boys. A good job, good credit, my integrity (I believe), the capacity for clarity, the support of my family and friends, and a lot more choices than he has. Therefore I have everything.

    Posted by saigon @ 8:40 am

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