• I liken it to a drug dealer that restrains and forces specific people to injections of drugs to addict them so they now have customers that will do anything to get what was forced on them to begin with.

    In the case of MLM’s they play on fears and weakness’s, using mind conditioning (brain washing)to restrain their victims to get them to work for and do their bidding. If someone were to break into our home and kidnapp her, shoot her up with drugs to imprison her and control her I would be out fighting tooth and nail to get her back. I see it as no difference. I see my girlfriend as a victim rather then an addict.

    The way I see it, is that I committed to loving her and stand by her and, so I will do what ever it takes to get her out, until I either succeed or no its no longer viable to do so. I don’t know where that point will be but, I have to hold out and try everything I can.

    Posted by saigon @ 6:43 pm

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