• 1.Meekler is in the Tea Party . 2. Meekler is a MLM adherent and a scammer (themajority of the article is about what a scumbag he is). 3.The Tea Party is the same thing as anMLM

    If this guy Meekler is involved with TeaParty in any capacity he has a right as an American to do so. They do notdiscriminate.

    IfMeekler were to become a Roman Catholic (or any group) and start proclaiming the tenets of the Roman CatholicChurch would you say that Roman Catholics are like MLMs?

    What hecannot do without the consent of the other people in the Tea Party is sell hisscam and he is NOT selling his scam. From what I know about the Tea Party hewill be out the door if he even looks like he is going to try to sell it.

    The Tea Party is only a gathering oflike minded people who do not like what the current administration is doing.(primarily spending money it does not have) Many of them didn’t like what theprevious administration did . Beyond that they do not agree on anything.

    The onlything I can see that it has in common with MLM is that it has grown and isgrowing quickly.

    No money is required .No money ispromised . No products are sold or offered. It is an advocacy group only andthey want to advocate that people vote for or against certain issues.

    Thearticle tries to say that the language used in both groups is similar: thatMLMs sell hope (for financial change) and that the Tea Party sells “HOPE” (forpolitical change). It also says that MLMs offer false hope and the Tea Partyoffers false hope.

    I guess if that is true then the ObamaAdministration itself could be considered an MLM. It offered (sold) Hope andChange

    Posted by saigon @ 2:19 am

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